Suspiciously Encrypted Letter

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  • Suspiciously Encrypted Letter
  • Quest Item
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "You could read it, if only you could break the code."

The Suspiciously Encrypted Letter is looted from Suspicious Correspondences in Freehold in Tiragarde Sound.

Objective of


Suspiciously Encrypted Letter

Zvfgre Senapvf,

Nf lbh ab qbhog unir urneq, V nz ab ybatre vapneprengrq va Gby Qntbe. Gur pvephzfgnaprf jrer, funyy jr fnl, vagrerfgvat.

Tngure gubfr jub erznva yblny naq jnvg ng gur ybpngvba jr qvfphffrq orsber. V jvyy erghea fubegyl, ohg svefg V unir n zrrgvat jvgu na vzcbegnag cngeba.

Jr'er abg qbar lrg.

- Ynql Nfuinar


The contents of this letter are encrypted with ROT13.

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