Sweete's Orders

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AllianceSweete's Orders

110 - 120 (Requires 110)


2g 34s


Bring Sweete's Orders to Lucille Waycrest in Drustvar.


<Tucked into the pages of the captain's logbook is a letter bearing the seal of Harlon Sweete[sic].

It looks like these pirates have been ordered by Sweete to cause further disruption to House Waycrest.

Lucille should be notified of this immediately!>


You will receive:


What have you brought, mainlander?


<Lucille reads the orders.>

So This[sic] pirate seeks to destabilize House Waycrest? As if we don't have enough problems already!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, <class>. It seems that the coven might just be the beginning of Kul Tiras' troubles...


The Ship's Log is found by the ship's wheel of what is presumably Captain Leadfist's ship at Chandlery Wharf in Drustvar. You'll likely happen to be here for the bonus quest Plundering Pirates, or be after Leadfist himself for [Adventurer of Drustvar].

Lucille can be located at different spots depending on how far you are with Alliance [Drust Do It.] Ideally you'll want her to be at a flight point like Arom's Stand or Watchman's Rise.

Harlan Sweete says: Captain Leadfist, our benefactor has informed me that House Waycrest is falling into a state of disrepair.
Harlan Sweete says: It would be to our advantage to keep it that way.
Harlan Sweete says: Gather your best crew and sail for Chandlery Wharf. From there you will pillage, loot, and plunder your way through their lands, depleting their supplies while filling our coffers.
Harlan Sweete says: Keep those Waycrest loyalists on their heels, and you will be rewarded.

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