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Sweete's Strongbox

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AllianceSweete's Strongbox

120 (Requires 120)




250x [Azerite]
23g 40s



Open Harlan Sweete's Strongbox.


You've got the keys, and Taelia's still watching our backs. So let's head up to Sweete's, ah, "office" and liberate the documents in that strongbox.

Come on, it's across the bridge with the rest of his treasure.


You will receive:


I'm certain the information we need is in this chest. But given the added security, my backup plan of having Taelia bust this thing open isn't going to work. Who knows what other security is set up on this chest?

We need to get that final key.


Head to the island, accessible via the big rope bridge.

The chest is behind the rare Auditor Dolp.

Flynn Fairwind says: Ahhh, here we are... Harlan Sweete's strongbox.

Interact with it:

Flynn Fairwind says: Four locks? Four!?
Flynn Fairwind says: Well played, Harlan. Well played.

Speak with Flynn:

Harlan increased his security by adding another lock to his strongbox.
<Flynn rubs his chin.>
Yep. Nothing to do right now... but steal the chest.

Gossip I assume you have a plan for getting out of here with that?

Flynn Fairwind says: I assure you, my plan is brilliant.
Flynn Fairwind says: We just need to grab the chest...
Flynn Fairwind says: And make a dramatic escape!
Flynn Fairwind says: And by that I mean "jump off the cliff to safety." Come on!
Flynn Fairwind says: Taelia! We could use a pickup here!

Jump off!

Flynn Fairwind says: Why don't I ever get to be the one actually riding the gryphon?
Taelia says: Hang on! They're firing at us!
Flynn Fairwind says: Hanging on is all I can do at the moment!
Taelia says: I'll fly low and try to lose them! Down, Galeheart!
Flynn Fairwind says: Not too low! Not too low!
Taelia says: I can't shake the last one!
Flynn Fairwind says: Shake harder! Wait... not too hard!
Taelia says: There are a few grenades left, <name>! Let 'em have it!
Flynn Fairwind says: Hey! Careful where you're throwing those things!
Taelia says: Bridgeport is just ahead! We'll land there!


  1. A [120] What You May Regret
  2. A [120] Lost Shipment
  3. A [120] A Local Guide
  4. A [120] An Explosive Entrance
  5. A [120] The Keys to Success in Freehold
  6. A [120] Sweete's Strongbox
  7. A [120D] Tol Dagor: The Fourth Key
  8. A [120] The Mysterious Island
  9. A [120] A Forlorn Hope
  10. A [120] The Strength of the Storm & A [120] Ritual Effects
  11. A [120D] Shrine of the Storm: The Missing Ritual
  12. A [120] Opening the Way
  13. A [120] Fate's End
  14. A [120] Lost in Darkness
  15. A [120] Of Myth and Fable
  16. A [120] The Old Bear
  17. A [120] Nightmare Catcher & A [120] Buried Power & A [120] Hatred's Focus
  18. A [120D] Waycrest Manor: Draining the Heartsbane
  19. A [120] Into Darkness
  20. A [120] Runic Resistance
  21. A [120] Thros, the Blighted Lands
  22. A [120D] Siege of Boralus: Lady Ashvane's Return
  23. A [120] A Nation United

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