Swift Seahorse

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Not to be confused with Swiftfin Seahorse.
NeutralSwift Seahorse
Image of Swift Seahorse
Title <Flight Master>
Race Seahorse (Beast)
Level 50 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Vashj'ir
Status Alive

Swift Seahorses are the flight master in the contested territory of Vashj'ir and there are a total of 10. These work as underwater flight masters for the three zones and connect on Sandy Beach to the main flightpaths of the Eastern Kingdoms by a short swim, and also at the two ships Voldrin's Hold and Stygian Bounty by climbing on board and going to the upper decks.

Flight paths

Alliance Alliance locations

Darkbreak Cove (Abyssal Depths)
Northern Sandy Beach (Kelp'thar Forest)
Tranquil Wash (Shimmering Expanse)
Voldrin's Hold (Shimmering Expanse)
After completion of A [81] A Breath of Fresh Air, it is available as a flight master.

Horde Horde locations

Legion's Rest (Shimmering Expanse)
Southern Sandy Beach (Kelp'thar Forest)
Stygian Bounty (Shimmering Expanse)
After completion of H [81] A Breath of Fresh Air, it is available as a flight master.
Tenebrous Cavern (Abyssal Depths)

Neutral Neutral locations

Silver Tide Hollow (Shimmering Expanse)
Smuggler's Scar (Kelp'thar Forest)

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