Sword Specialization (warrior talent)

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Sword Specialization
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  • Sword Specialization (5 ranks)
  • Arms, Tier 5
  • Gives you a 2/4/6/8/10% chance to get an extra attack on the same target after hitting your target with your Sword.
Points required


Talent required



Attacking with a sword

Sword Specialization gives the Warrior a chance to deliver a second blow to the same target, while wielding a one or two-handed sword.


It is a common misconception that Sword Specialization can only proc off of normal (white) swings. This is not the case and is likely confusion over [Windfury Totem]. Windfury only procs off of normal (white) swings. Sword Specialization procs from all damaging attacks, including special attacks.

It counts [Whirlwind] as a single attack for chance of proc.

Patch changes

  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.2.2 (2009-09-22): Now has a 2/4/6/8/10% chance to proc an extra attack, up from 1/2/3/4/5%.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Can no longer trigger more than once per 6 seconds.
This removes the possibility of Sword Specialization procing off itself.
  • The Burning Crusade Patch 2.1.0 (2007-05-22): This ability now grants extra yellow attacks instead of extra white attacks. It also grants rage based on the speed of your weapon. This change will make Sword Specialization no longer reset the weapon swing timer when it triggers off special attacks, and results in a net increase in damage dealt.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.3.0 (2005-03-07): Added a visual to Sword Specialization "proc" that will now show up in the combat log as well.

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