Sword of Sargeras

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The sword plunged into Silithus.

The Sword of Sargeras[1] (referred to as the dark blade of Sargeras)[2] is the weapon that the titan Sargeras used to impale Azeroth, gravely injuring its world-soul. It struck in Silithus, decimating the life and settlements in the region which is now referred to as the Wound. This event caused the titan spirit at the core of the planet to start bleeding Azerite all over the world. The sword is surrounded in a creepy aura of red light. The Explorers' League doesn't know how deep the sword goes and what Sargeras might have disturbed or awoken.[3]

The dark energies of the sword were seeping into Azeroth's heart, until order champions drained the sword with their artifact weapons serving as vessels for its vast power. The red glow subsided, and the sword went dormant.[4]


  • Unlike its previous depictions,[5] the eye within its hilt is just an orb of energy.
  • According to Pixni Rustbomb, the research about the silithid who survived the destruction of the land should help understand the power of Sargeras' sword.[6]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

While it is never named, the sword is very likely to be Gorribal given that it looks identical to its presumed, previous depictions of it. In-game, it lacks the eye in the hilt (replaced with an orb of energy), while the Patch 7.3.0 key art does depict it with an eye. However, it is whole instead of broken, it is thus possible that Sargeras reforged it.