Symbols of Power

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NeutralSymbols of Power
Start Lyana Darksorrow
End Lyana Darksorrow
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Rewards  [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]
Previous N [110] Grimwing the Devourer / N [110] Grimwing the Devourer
Next N [110] Shard of Kozak & N [110] Shard of Vorgos


Collect 8 Legion Emblems.


This demon has information that could lead us to those in charge.

Unfortunately, he is more fearful of his master than he is of us. We need to change his mind about that.

The most powerful Burning Legion soldiers often carry an emblem of their rank and status within the demon army.

Seek out the stronger demons in Felsoul Hold, slay them, and return to me with their emblems.

We will show this wyrmtongue servant who it is he should fear...


You will receive:
Inv misc coin 17.png [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]


Do you have the Legion Emblems?


I see you have returned with the emblems. Excellent.

Let's see how this wyrmtongue reacts when we show him what we've made of his comrades.

Both quests complete:

Lyana Darksorrow says: My patience has run out, wyrmtongue. Where does your master hide?


  1. N [110] Lyana Darksorrow / N Demon hunter [110] Lyana Darksorrow
  2. N [110] Glaive Circumstances & N [110] Fresh Meat
  3. N [110] Grimwing the Devourer / N Demon hunter [110] Grimwing the Devourer
  4. N [110] A Fate Worse Than Dying & N [110] Symbols of Power
  5. N [110] Shard of Vorgos & N [110] Shard of Kozak
  6. N [110] Azoran Must Die

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