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This article contains information relating to lore or gameplay from the Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

Wrathgate was the 11th TCG expansion, released on May 23, 2010. It is set 2 of the Scourgewar Block.

Loot cards

Set Details

Card Totals

The set contains 220 cards:

  • 95 Commons
  • 55 Uncommons
  • 60 Rares
  • 10 Epics
  • 3 Loot

Card Numbering

Card numbering will be done numerically, with no order of precedence.


Number Name Health Spec Class Race
1 Archmage Barstow 25 IconSmall Mage.gif IconSmall Human Male.gif
11 Crusader Farisa 29 IconSmall Paladin.gif IconSmall BloodElf Female.gif
Master Heroes
Number Name Health Attack Type
21 Highlord Tirion Fordring 37 Human Paladin

External links

WoW TCG official site page for the Wrathgate Expansion