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Tactical Clemency

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HordeTactical Clemency
Start Gorgonna
End Captured Trapper
Level 74 (Requires 73)
Category Grizzly Hills
Experience 5200
Reputation Warsong Offensive +25
Previous Gorgonna
Next Ruuna the Blind


Deliver the  [Letter of Amnesty] to the Captured Trapper in Silverbrook Hills.


Listen, <name>. I need you to act with discretion and speed.

One of Krenna's top sergeants has captured a trapper outcast outside of Silverbrook. Now, if things turn out the way they usually do, the prisoner is going to be executed before the day is over.

We can't let that happen. You see, the prisoner matches the description of Mikhail's older daughter in his diary.

If we set her loose and follow her closely, she'll lead us to whoever's controlling the trappers. Take this letter to her.


Are you here to kill me?


You're going to let me go... just like that? Listen, I don't want any trouble with you... these monsters kill my father and took my sister. I have other things on my mind right now.


The captured trapper is at [22, 30].

Return to Conquest Hold once you've completed the quest to get the followup.

Also, players will receive a letter from Gorgonna.

Krenna heard that we freed one of the trappers and she's absolutely furious.
You'd best keep your head down for a while or we'll both end up wrestling bears in the pit.


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  4. H [75] Ruuna the Blind

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