Taelan's Tower

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Taelan's Tower

Taelan's Tower is an Argent Crusade scout tower along the road to Hearthglen. In the quest N [60G] In Dreams, Taelan Fordring was killed at this location by Grand Inquisitor Isillien of the Scarlet Crusade, who was in turn killed by Taelan's father, Highlord Tirion Fordring.

The tower is now controlled by Redpine gnolls, who have killed the Hearthglen troops who guarded it.

Before the Cataclysm, this tower was unnamed and was occupied by several Scarlet Spellbinders who had a chance to drop  [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader]. A Holy Coffer containing the  [Mark of the Lightbringer] was situated on top of the tower.