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For his original appearance as a raid boss, see Taerar (tactics).
Image of Taerar
Gender Male
Race Green dragon (Dragonkin)
Affiliation(s) Green dragonflight
Former affiliation(s) Nightmare dragonflight
Location Various Locations
Status Deceased (Killable), spirit within the Emerald Dream

Taerar is one of the four Dragons of Nightmare.

In recent times, Ysera's most trusted lieutenants have been warped by a dark new power within the Emerald Dream. Now, these wayward sentinels have passed through the Great Trees into Azeroth intending to spread madness and terror throughout the mortal kingdoms.

Taerar was perhaps the most affected of Ysera's rogue lieutenants. His interaction with the dark force within the Emerald Dream shattered Taerar's sanity as well as his corporeal form. The dragon now exists as a specter with the ability to split into multiple entities, each of which possesses destructive magical powers. Taerar is a cunning and relentless foe who is intent on turning the madness of his existence into reality for the inhabitants of Azeroth.

Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

When Ysondre is taken by the Emerald Nightmare once again, the corrupted spirits of her deceased comrades join her in the Emerald Dreamway, including Taerar. After the defeat of Xavius, Taerar's spirit along with the spirits of the other three former Dragons of Nightmare are seen in the restored Emerald Dream.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Feralas 40 7,620
Emerald Dream  ?? 460,234,816

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Taerar drops no loot, as his body disappears when he is defeated.

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