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Start Harrison Jones [44.0, 57.1]
End Harrison Jones [54.6, 41.8]
Level 83 (Requires 83)
Category Uldum
Experience 43900
Rewards  [Tailgunner's Flight Suit] or  [Reinforced Seatbelt] or  [Aeronaut's Helm]
8g 60s
Previous Ignition
Next  [Efficient Excavations]


Use the tailgun to defend the Schnottz Bomber.


Okay, I've softened this guy up, how about you help me finish him off?

I've got a plan for our escape, but it'll require a lot of guts and a little luck.

You up for it, <name>?

Just follow my lead...


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest cloth cataclysm b 02.png [Tailgunner's Flight Suit] Inv belt leather cataclysm b 02.png [Reinforced Seatbelt]
Inv helmet 191.png [Aeronaut's Helm]

You will also receive: 8g 60s


Good work back there, <name>.

Looks like we've lost them, for now at least.


Another cutscene... the player runs over to the dead body next to Harrison and the sea trooper, grabs the monkey wrench and stuns the sea trooper. Harrison and the player then jump into the plane, which starts moving forward. One of the props shreds the sea trooper, another reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Nazi Mechanic is killed in the same way. As the plane taxis to the runway, the rest of the plans are spooled up and take after Harrison's plane. Cutscene concluded, Harrison takes the plane around for a tour and then in through the chamber of the sun, finally heading back to the Vir'naal Dam in the center of Uldum.

Harrison doesn't offer any more quests right now, so take the  [Efficient Excavations] book down to Schnottz's Landing. The Harrison quests resume briefly with N [83] Meet Me In Vir'sar once the Schnottz quest N [83] Firing Squad has been completed.


  1. N [83] That Gleam in his Eye
  2. N [83] I've Got This Guy / N [83] They Don't Know What They've Got Here
  3. N [83] Ignition
  4. N [83] Tailgunner!

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