Tainted Twig of Nordrassil

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This item drops from the Lich King in the 10-man version of Icecrown Citadel.


It is unclear how The Lich King came to possess this staff. Illidan Stormrage is the most likely candidate; Arthas defeated Illidan and his forces in Northrend before ascending The Frozen Throne, and may have obtained it then. Illidan helped to defend Nordrassil against The Burning Legion during The War of the Ancients, and may have obtained the staff then. Alternatively, Arthas may have gotten the twig when he was in Kalimdor, where he was speaking to, coincidentally, Illidan. Yet another explanation is that the Tainted Twig was once the property of a demon who tried to destroy the World Tree during the War of the Ancients or The Third War; The Scourge originally was a subset of the Burning Legion. Anetheron is a potential candidate here, as he fought at the Battle for Mount Hyjal, and helped in the formation of The Scourge.

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