Tak Tak

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Not to be confused with Tak-Tak.
MobTak Tak
Image of Tak Tak
Race Hozen (Humanoid)
Level 88
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Broketooth tribe
Location Camp Broketooth, Kun-Lai Summit
Status Killable

Tak Tak is the High Leader Chief of the Broketooth hozen in Kun-Lai Summit.


  • Ability warrior bloodsurge.png  Pound You — Jump on a target and pound them into the ground, inflicting physical damage every .5 secs and stunning them for 2 secs.
  • Inv misc monsterclaw 03.png  Savage Strikes — Savagely strike target enemey[sic], inflicting 125% weapon damage.

Objective of


  • New king, new rules. Sorry, but wikkets gonna get ravaged!

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