Take Him to the Earthcaller

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NeutralTake Him to the Earthcaller
Start Initiate Goldmine [46.5, 57.3]
End Earthcaller Yevaa [49.5, 53.3]
Level 82 (Requires 82)
Category Deepholm
Experience 3490
Reputation +10 Earthen Ring
Rewards  [Legs of Ringing Echoes] or  [Flayer-Crush Boots] or  [Bell-Ringer's Skullcap]
Previous N [82] Apply and Flash Dry
Next To Stone Hearth's Aid


Introduce Flint Oremantle to Earthcaller Yevaa at the Temple of Earth.

  • Flint Oremantle introduced to Earthcaller Yevaa


He still looks a little loopy.

Best get him inside the temple and see what the Eartcaller wants to do with him.

I think I'm going to stay out here a little while longer and "observe" these rock flayers.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants cloth cataclysm b 01.png [Legs of Ringing Echoes] Inv boots mail 16.png [Flayer-Crush Boots]
Inv helmet 189.png [Bell-Ringer's Skullcap]


We are honored by Flint Oremantle's presence. I am given to understand that the Stonefather is in possession of a fragment of the World Pillar.

It is imperative that we recover all of the fragments. The instability between worlds is increasing. Soon it may become too great even for mighty Thrall to hold at bay.


On accept, Flint wakes up and follows the player around:

Flint Oremantle says: I am ready to meet with your so-called Earthcaller.

Then, as the player takes him to the temple:

  • Flint Oremantle says: Take me to this Earthen Ring friend of yours. I have important news for the two of you.
  • Flint Oremantle says: We are going to the Temple of Earth, yes?
  • Flint Oremantle says: You would be wise not to waste time. If my father dies, he takes with him the knowledge of where the second World Pillar Fragment is hidden. I know that you people want it.
  • Flint Oremantle says: You must drop everything that you're doing to help me free my father, the Earthen king.
  • Flint Oremantle says: The only thing that matters is that we rescue my father.
  • Flint Oremantle says: The war between the Earthen and the stone troggs has raged for time beyond measure. But now in the chaos, they have taken my father, the Stonefather, prisoner. They are threatening to kill him if we do not surrender.
  • Flint Oremantle says: I was on my way to the temple when I was jumped. My father must be rescued before the stone troggs kill him.
  • Flint Oremantle says: We must hurry and speak with your Earthen Ring friend.

Getting in range of Yevaa:

Earthcaller Yevaa says: What have we here, <name>?
Flint Oremantle says: Earthcaller, my father, Stonefather Oremantle, has been taken prisoner by the stone troggs of Needlerock Spire.
Flint Oremantle says: I demand that you send aid to Stonehearth. Help us with our war and to free Stonefather Oremantle.
Flint Oremantle says: This one that assisted me here should be adequate. Have them report to our force commander, Crag Rockcrusher at Stonehearth.


  1. N [82] Where's Goldmine?
  2. N [82] Explosive Bonding Compound / N [82] Something that Burns
  3. N [82] Apply and Flash Dry
  4. N [82] Take Him to the Earthcaller
  5. N [82] To Stonehearth's Aid
  6. N [82] The Quaking Fields
  7. N [82] The Axe of Earthly Sundering / N [82] Elemental Ore
  8. N [83] One With the Ground
  9. N [82] Bring Down the Avalanche
  10. Complete all of:
  11. N [82] Shatter Them! / N [82] Battlefront Triage / N [82] Fixer Upper
  12. N [83] Troggzor the Earthinator
  13. N [83] Rush Delivery
  14. N [83] Close Escort
  15. N [83] Keep Them off the Front
  16. N [83] Reactivate the Constructs / N [83] Mystic Masters
  17. N [83] Down Into the Chasm
  18. N [83] Sprout No More / N [83] Fungal Monstrosities
  19. N [83] A Slight Problem
  20. N [83] Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint
  21. N [83] The Hero Returns
  22. N [83] The Middle Fragment

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