Taking the Blood Gate

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AllianceTaking the Blood Gate

120 (Requires 120)





Ride the battlebeast and defeat the Zandalari army at the Blood Gates.


We have our forces spread out throughout Nazmir, but we need to do something that will force Rastakhan into action.

We must personally march into Zuldazar and take the Blood Gate. This will cause them to throw their full army at us.

As you can see, we're the only ones left that can assault the Blood Gate.

Shaw and Telaamon will stay behind to help the rest of the army move up.

You and I will ride the battle beast into the Blood Gate and take it by force.


You will receive:


Excellent. We've decimated the Zandalari front lines and paved the way for our soldiers to move in.

It's time for us to start our main attack.


Telaamon runs over to one of the battlebeasts and mounts it. As he speaks, Mathias mounts a second one.
Blademaster Telaamon says: Good luck <name>, Lady Jaina. We will ensure the army is here when you return victorious.
They ride off to the north.

Mounting the third battlebeast has it take you south to a waiting army past the Blood Gates, while Jaina mounts a frost form [Archmage's Prismatic Disc] and follows along in the air. It won't take long to blast through your mob count.

Blood Gates cleared
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: We've weakened them enough, we must return to signal the armies to move forward!
The battlebeast returns north to the meeting spot where the other commanders have gathered the army.


  1. A [120] The Fall of Zuldazar
  2. A [120] The March to Nazmir
  3. A [120] Repurposing Their Village & A [120] Dark Iron Machinations
  4. A [120] Fog of War
  5. A [120] Lurking in the Swamp
  6. A [120] Zul'jan Deluge
  7. A [120] Showing Our Might & A [120] Taming their Beasts & A [120] The Mech of Death
  8. A [120] Taking the Blood Gate
  9. A [120] He Who Walks in the Light

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