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Taking the Loa Road

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NeutralTaking the Loa Road

110 - 120 (Requires 110)




23g 40s


Survive Jani's prank on the Amaki trolls.

If you lose your saurid disguise, return to Jani for another.

  • Ideal Prank Spot reached
  • Cursed Coin planted
  • Prank played


This road not be traveled much anymore. Except by those that serve the blood Loa. They be fools.

I be wantin' my fun from those fools. Go to the spot I be markin' for you and plant this cursed coin. The silly blood trolls be seein' it and give us a laugh when they try to pick it up.

Just be makin' sure that no other creature see you. Or else it be a quick trip back to the arms of Jani.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


You taken that cursed coin to the pranking-place yet, richmon?


Haha! Well done, richmon. It gonna take those idiots forever to be gettin' outta this mess. You have earned my favor.


Upon accept
Jani says: Go. Find ya way down de road to de best spot. Plant dis coin in de middle of de road. But be careful not to let that hungry predators be seein' you...
Finding and trapping the scouts
Amaki Scout says: Did ya see da way dey be squirmin'?
Amaki Scout says: Dey be cryin' and pleadin' like it be makin' any difference. Dey die all da same.
Amaki Scout says: Ha ha ha!
Amaki Scout says: Hey, what be dat?
Amaki Scout says: Uh oh.
Amaki Scout says: Wat? Lemme try.
Jani says: Hek hek hek hek!



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