Takk the Leaper

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MobTakk the Leaper
Image of Takk the Leaper
Race Raptor (Beast)
Level 5-30 Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sludge Fen, Barrens
Status Killable
Relative(s)  [Leaping Hatchling] (offspring)
Pet family Raptor

Takk the Leaper is a level 19 named elite rare mob raptor found roaming the ridge southeast of the Sludge Fen in the Barrens. The raptor is on a 4-6 hour respawn timer and was once popular for its supersonic chase speed. Takk's speed was eventually reduced, however, a new incentive for players to hunt for Takk was given in the form of a unique companion.


  • Ability warrior charge.png  Leaping Rush — Jumps at the target, inflicting 100% weapon damage.


From patch 3.2.0 to patch 3.3.0, Takk dropped the companion  [Leaping Hatchling] This was moved to Takk's Nest, which spawns randomly in set spots on a different timer.

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