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Tales of Azeroth is a weekly fan webcomic project by Ikatsu Hayashi started in March 14th, 2010 and features the adventures of many champions of Azeroth.

The stories are meant to follow the lore, including quests, books and games, from the point of view of the alliance. As opposite of most WoW related comics, ToA is not humorous but still entertaining.


Zhack: Zachary Feaweather, the main character of Tales of Azeroth, he is a human warrior, member of the 7th Legion sent in a mission to investigate the plague in Lordaeron under prince Arthas.

Gal: Galximiliana Chemstalker, or Galximi as her friends call her, she's a gnome pilot who since the fall of Gnomeregan started studding shadow arts as a way to make herself useful. She's an avid student of alchemy and loves engineering, although she's just an apprentice.

Sharyanaa Moongaze: She's a Night Elf and Priestess of Elune.

Ferith Moonclaw: A Night Elf Druid, he's focused in healing the land, especially Ashenvale.

Azeean Westwind: daughter of warriors, from the warrior nation of Stromgarde, Azeean took the path of arcane really early in her life, and watched the fall of her home she moved to the southern lands vowing to gain power to help her people to retain their former glory.

Azaara: A Draenei Shaman, Azaara was just a child when the world of Argus was taken by the Burning Legion. She recently learned from the elements and took the path of a Shaman, helping to restore the world of draenor, and now Azeroth.

Azahel Night: A Night Elf Rogue, Azahel is an adventurer to the boot. He and his friends travel the world of Azeroth and Beyond, exploring it's mysteries and opportunities...

Lorhus: As a Human Paladin Lorhus grew up listening to stories about the bravery and glory of the Knights of the Silver Hand and how they fought the three wars. Under the Tutoring of the Warrior master Kraz Silverhammer he seeks to one be able to archive the same things as the glorious heroes of history.

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