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Tales of de Loa: Krag'wa

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Tales of de Loa: Krag'wa

Tales of de Loa: Krag'wa is located in Nazmir. It contains a story about the loa Krag'wa.

After having been interacted with, it can be found in the Hall of Chroniclers in Dazar'alor.


Tales of de Loa: Krag'wa

All de creatures great and small,
His protection will encompass all.
If sacrifice be ya whim,
Best look to yaself, not one of dem.

For those dat seek to care for others,
Ya find ya kin, sistas and brothas.
If ya be de one ya love de most,
To him ya surely should not boast.

With each word, he puts much weight,
No wasted thought, no hurried trait.
If ya be selfish, come not here.
De selfless have no need to fear.
Of danger he has seen no end.
Our faith and hope his greatest friend.

Guardian strong.

May ya live forever long.

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