Tales of de Loa: Sethraliss

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Tales of de Loa: Sethraliss

Tales of de Loa: Sethraliss is a scroll lying next to a small altar in the northern Sacred Sands in Vol'dun,[49.6, 24.4] where it is usually guarded by a Faithless Scrollkeeper and a Faithless Spireguard. It contains a tale of the loa Sethraliss.

After having been interacted with, it can be found in the Hall of Chroniclers in Dazar'alor.


Tales of de Loa: Sethraliss

In densest jungle of darkest green,
Rules mother of many, but rarely seen.
Warm and lush and full of life.
Iron will and without strife.

Her mind unfurls, envelops all.
Her faithful ever heed her call.
Across de ages her eyes do see,
Seeking de best for you and me.

Through darkest night, and brightest day,
She will ever find her way.
In her, ya haven will be found.
Her all for us, her care profound.

Love unsurpassed will surely be,
When Sethraliss ya truly see.

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  • The line "Through darkest night, and brightest day" may be a reference to the opening line of an oath frequently recited by the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern ("In brightest day, in blackest night").

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