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Tales of de Loa: Torga

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Tales of de Loa: Torga
In the Hall of Chroniclers

Tales of de Loa: Torga is located at Torga's Tavern in Nazmir. It contains a story about the loa Torga.

After having been interacted with, it can be found in the Hall of Chroniclers in Dazar'alor.


Tales of de Loa: Torga

Through de blue Torga do glide.
Oceans deep and journeys wide.
De one who strives, de one who seeks,
Make his heart be full, his interest piqued.

Dere be no legend told,
Dat Torga will not know.
To listen is his pleasure,
To hear your tale, his treasure.

And if to you he tells his story,
Dat may be your highest glory.
Torga will remember.
Torga is eternal.

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