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Tales of de Loa: Zandalar

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Tales of de Loa: Zandalar

Tales of de Loa: Zandalar is located in The Sliver in Dazar'alor. It contains a story about the loa on Zandalar.

After having been interacted with, it can be found in the Hall of Chroniclers in Dazar'alor.


Tales of de Loa: Zandalar

With de loa on our side,
We can rule dis land with pride.
Keep dem in ya mind and heart,
Else from us dey surely part!

Dey seem like us in many ways,
Different moods for different days.
Some can be a bit capricious,
Others be downright malicious.

Dis world to dem can be so small,
Their vision long, much to recall.
Dere is much we can't understand,
Yet all part of their master plan.

Dey bring us wisdom, strength and power.
Dey with us in our darkest hour.
For dem all, we must endeavor.
Call to de heavens, Zandalar forever!

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