Talestra the Vile

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BossTalestra the Vile
Image of Talestra the Vile
Gender Female
Race Doommaiden (Demon)
Level 112 Rare Elite
Health 108,915,901
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Darkfall Ridge, Krokuun
Status Killable

Talestra the Vile is a doommaiden located in Darkfall Ridge on Krokuun. She can be found in one of the eredar homes, practicing her fel magic. She is surrounded by many vilefiends.


  • Blade Barrage

Notable drops


Talestra the Vile says: I will defend Argus to my dying breath!
During fight
The armies of a thousand worlds will rise against you. You are damned!
Summon Vilefiends
Talestra the Vile says: Do you think me a fool? Fiends, to me!
Talestra the Vile says: I will be reborn by Argus' flame! I will never... stop... fighting.

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