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Talk:API GetTalentInfo

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It seems like the talentGroup argument is ignored when using the inspect variant. Eridius (talk) 00:37, 10 September 2012 (UTC)

Value of the variable available returned by GetTalentInfo

In my experience, the first print statement in the following code reports that both "selected" and "available" are true, which is contrary to the Wowpedia description for "available":

 -- Check Tier 3 Level 45 talent for Level 90 Paladin Protection spec.

local function CheckForEternalFlameTalent()

   local index = 8                           -- Eternal Flame is the 8th talent in the table 
   local name = "name"
   local selected, available = false, false

   name, _, _, _, selected, available = GetTalentInfo(index)

   print("GetTalentInfo(", index, ") returns name: ", name, " selected: ", selected, " available: ", available)

   if ( selected ) then 
       print("CLCProt: ", name, " is selected.")
   elseif ( available ) then                                -- per Wowpedia documentation for GetTalentInfo()
       print("CLCProt: Tier 3 Level 45 talent not chosen!")
       print("CLCProt: Word of Glory is available.")
   return selected 


I don't know (yet) what happens when the talent is NOT selected.