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I got this last night and I'm not very happy with the Proc rate.

I didn't notice it much in the dungeon I ran, so I did a test this morning while grinding Level 66 Beasts in Nagrande. This is with my 70 rogue, with Battlemaster on my 1.8 mainhand dagger. I was just spamming SS/Evis.

My basis for comparison is the Darkmoon Card: Heroism.

Fighting each beast would proc my Heroism card at least one time. Some fights it would proc 3 or 4 times.

Battlemaster on the other hand would only proc once... about every 8 to 10 beasts I fought.

The average amount that it proc'ed for was about 225, and it was consistently around there. I remember one for around 270 and I think that was the highest, but I don't remember any below 200 either.

Personally, I wanted to test this out to see if I'd be wasting my gold to get it on both daggers. Unless they fix it, I think I'll either try Mongoose or go back to Gimp-Crusader. :) --Iamdeadfish 15:45, 4 April 2007 (EDT)

All you have to do to figure out the proc rate is take a weapon, swing it a lot of times and check the proc %, then divide it by weapon speed and you get the formula for procs per second. Then if you say have a 2.0 speed weapon, it will have procs per second X2 chance to proc every swing (be it white or instant). I've seen people claiming 0.6 procs per minute just auto-attacking but I'm not sure how reliable it is and needs testing. If it is, though, that's 1% chance to proc per second, so say a rogue with a 2.5 speed main hander will have a 2.5% chance per hit to proc it (obviously ending up more than 0.6 procs per minute due to S&D and instnats). Also this enchant did almost 7% of the group's healing on curator last night so it definitely doesn't "suck". Still need to really figure out its proc rate and the proc rate on mongoose to really tell the difference, as mongoose is pretty badass enchant for tanking ;)

3.5 speed weapon???

The article gives numbers for proc speed on a 3.5 speed weapon on a tank -- all the tanks I know use a one-hand and a shield, and I've never seen a 3.5 speed 1-hand. should this be fixed?

Great Idea, doesn't work out well in practice.

I have a theory on this enchant: my theory is that Battlemaster will not proc if the weapon it's on crits. This theory is based on about a dozen AVs I ran, first with an Assassination build on my rogue and Blinkstrike (with Mongoose) MH and Dirge (with Battlemaster) OH. The first AV I ran with this set up I did 100k in damage and 25k in healing (no kidding). The HOT from Battlemaster was up constantly, and since everyone went on offense (shocking in AV), a large number of toons got the benefit of the HOT.

Came out of this first successful experiment and respecced to a Combat Daggers Build and dual wielded a Retainer's Blade (with Mongoose) MH and Dirge OH. Next AV I ran did 132k in damage, and Battlemaster Procced.....ONCE. Put Dirge MH and ran again; Battlemaster didn't proc AT ALL the entire AV. Ran a couple more with Dirge OH, Blinkstrike MH and procs never went over 3 in a match. Meanwhile, since everyone suspects Battlemaster PPM is 1 (like Mongoose and Crusader), I started counting Mongoose procs from my other weapon. Mongoose procced an average of 23 times per match while Battlemaster was stagnant at an average of 2 times per match (just for specificity each match averaged about 35 minutes in length, and total damage was around 115k).

So either the PPM for Battlemaster is incredibly random (possible I guess) or the only other thing I can figure is that crits prevent a proc or reset PPM "timer" (if there is a such thing). Assassination build my crit rate was very low, and most damage was white; Battlemaster procced often and regularly. Combat Daggers with 1.5 speed and 1.4 speed daggers, I was critting A LOT, and saw significant reduction in Battlemaster proc rate.

Just a theory at this point, but it's my best guess. I've also done Karazhan (Moroes and Maiden at this point) and the heals were statistically insignificant (two procs I could identify for both fights and trash mob clears).

Oh, and as far as threat, I didn't see ANY significant increase in threat either in the AVs I ran with huge heals or in the the Kara's I've run with Omen running.