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Coilfang Reservoir connection?

From what I can gather of the quests, it seems that the blood elves blew the bomb because the druids found out what was going on in Zangarmarsh (with water from the lakes being drained into the Coilfang Reservoir). Since the blood elves of Kael'thas are allied to Lady Vashj, it is apparent that the massacre could be a "favor" perpetrated by the blood elves under the orders of Kael'thas.

Still with the image of Pathaeleon the Calculator stating that it was the destruction of the colossi in Hellfire Peninsula by the Cenarion Expedition that caused the retaliation, it's rather confusing why they decided to blow the place up. Were the blood elves acting on their own, on the orders of Pathaeleon, or were they instructed to do so by Kael, through Lady Vashj and perhaps Illidan?

Although already at that point Kael'thas had betrayed Illidan and turned himself to Kil'jaeden, so he might have actually nothing to do with the whole business and all of it was a mere quarrel between the blood elves and the hapless Cenarion druids.

All in all it's an interesting piece of story Blizzard made up with the burning crusade, I'd like to see more of these. Ranac 13:26, 1 May 2008 (UTC)