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This village was from the adventure "Dead Men's Tales" in the Lands of Conflict sourcebook. While I personally choose to avoid posting events from RPG adventures(as I'm not sure what their official status as lore is exactly), I posted this one since this adventure gets refrenced in Lands of Mystery within main portions of the sourcebook as part of history.

I'm not entirely sure about adventure seeds, as those seem to include alot of adaptations of WOW quests, and sometimes put known characters in situations that would be very unlikely, and out of character for them. For example the "Dragonblight" adventure seed in Lands of Mystery, that has Deathwing go to the Dragonblight to die, finally deciding to "die in peace". I highly doubt Deathwing would go out that easily, nor would want to become "good" in the end (unless it was some kind of trick)... Baggins 15:21, 7 May 2006 (EDT)

Though I should note Brann Bronzebeard himself says in Lands of Conflict that the aventures, are stories and rumors that he has heard during his travels in the world. So they are apparently true lore, at least from Flavor Lore standpoint.

I guess if I get time I can start add more material from Adventures for the sake of completion, however still pointing out they are from the RPG rather than the MMO.Baggins 15:48, 7 May 2006 (EDT)