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Wirt could not have been made undead, as his body was clearly seen by the player. Also, the Curse of Undeath is generated by Mephisto. Hence, when he is killed, only Undead directly created by Baal could survive, and after HIS destruction, Undead could live only in Hell. -Ragestorm, Head Bookkeeper

I'm still waiting for a Diablo RTS. =P

Think about it... the massing, horde-like armies of Hell, the versatile, adaptive native peoples of Sanctuary, and the righteous, crusading, powerful forces of Heaven that are bent on destroying their eternal enemies... all pitted against one another!

It'd be like StarCraft all over again! :D

--Wasted 03:53, 4 July 2006 (EDT)

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lol I agree, Diablo is the one Blizz game I can't get into the game play is so boring... Oh well, better shut up now cause this ain't the forums (this page will be deleted with the main one right? lol Pokeball.jpg Max Krist (talk contribs) 08:09, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

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Ok. Thanks for telling me.