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Druid solo

First get the quest, enter the instance, shift to cat and prowl. Hug either wall to pass the first set of mobs, after you pass them move to the left side of the tunnel & just before you get to the 2nd set of mobs you will be able to slip under the lip into a crawlspace. Just inside you will see 2 eggs, position yourself as far from the eggs, opposite side from the 2nd group of mobs, and you can break prowl & get both eggs agro free. Stealth and, staying under the lip, walk towards the boss. You will see 4 more eggs just up on the platform, you can climb up to them in stealth from the front of the platform, still under the lip & get all 4 with no agro. The entire process takes about 4min. I was able to do this @72 as soon as I got the quest. *when you go to break the 2nd egg at the first location you will be deadly close to agro range, so be extremely careful, if you do agro make sure to break it before you die. Jaymz6 (talk) 15:42, April 30, 2010 (UTC)