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I would say the recommendations are a little over the top. From my experience, only the following is needed (at least for Tyr's Hand):

Picking the whole area is easy, the mobs only see you when you directly stand in front of them (which you do not have to since you can pick from 10 yards away). Average gain in Tyr's Hand is about 80-90 boxes per hour. The whole farming for "exalted 999/1000" takes about 16-20 hours, if you started at "11999/12000 honored".

Dyotron (talk) 011:44, September 15, 2009 (UTC)


The mobs in Tyr's Hand (after the shattering) are no longer a high enough to give Heavy Junkboxes, neither are the ones in Stratholme. In Stratholme, the members in the Scarlet secion are undead, and cannot be pickpocketed. Also, you do not need to 'complete' the circle of law event to be able to pickpocket the spectators in Blackrock Depths; it only makes it impossible to get caught afterwards because they are no longer hostile.

Blasted Lands now has mobs high enough to give the Heavy Junkboxes as well as Swamp of Sorrows, however, there is not a large concentration of humanoids to make pickpocketing efficient here. Blackrock Spire seems to be one of the only populated places left, and is easily doable at level 60.

Tyvona (talk) 01:13, 23 December 2010 (UTC)

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