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It is not believed that any of these clans retain a Chieftain or similar individual as clan leader.

This is incorrect. Of the clans listed there, the Bonechewers still have their own leader Tagar Spinebreaker. Kargath may rule over the clans as a whole like Blackhand and Orgrim did, but it's not accurate to say the surviving clan chieftains don't still hold considerable power of their own divisions. Also, you missed the Bleeding Hollow Clan.

This has all been fixed. :) --Magnus 00:18, 26 January 2007 (EST)


As a matter of point, there's atleast one ogre magi working with them as well.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Tweak the Whacked (talk · contr).

Magtheridon, Leadership?

I was just wondering after reading this article. Should really Maghteridon be in the leadership column? Cause i thought that he was held prisoner against his will quote "take my blood and chock of it", "release me nad i will grant you a merciful death" -- wowsjostedt 16:47 3 January 2010