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T - Trainee

D - Deathknight

R - Rider

N - Nothing

( ) - Sheep, Fear, Shackle

Wave 1 - T T T Kill all

Wave 2 - T T T Kill all

Wave 3 - T T T Kill all

Wave 4 - D N D Priests shackle untill dead (it will slow them down) Kill All

Wave 5 - T T T Kill all

Wave 6 - D N D Priests shackle untill dead (it will slow them down) Kill All

Wave 7 - T T (T) Kill all but far left, Mage sheep it

Wave 8 - TD T (TD) Priest on left will continue to shackle untill Deakknight is dead, kill the Trainee on left and middle, sheep or fear far right Trainee and Perma-Shackle Deathknight

Wave 9 - N R N Stop doing anything else if u are a mage or warlock and kill the Rider, This is a good time for priest to fear multiple mobs to buy time for the other casters to kill the Rider and come back to the remaining Trainees

Wave - 10 T T (T) Kill All But Far right fast, far right will most likely be feared

Wave - 11 D N (D) Kill far left Deathknight Shackle far right Deathknight..... You have 15 seconds before another spawn at this point, now is the time to clean up everything

Wave - 12 T (T)R (T) Warlock fear far right and midle, Throw all dots on Rider, Mage group 1 and mage group 2 take middle Trainee (if we all fireblast it, it will die instantly) DPS down the rider fast, if possible priest can throw dots up also, this is a crutial point in the fight, if u can get past this and kill that Rider before next spawn (in 10 seconds)

Wave - 13 D N (D) Kill Deathknight on left, Priest Perma-Shackle Far right (u have 10 seconds to do this and clean up before next spawn

Wave - 14 T T (T) Kill left and middle, warlock fear and dot far right

Wave - 15 N R N Priest Fear multiple mobs again and zerg the Rider, all warlock dots and mages need to go nuts, dont worry about mana at all at this point

Wave - 16 D N (D) Kill far left and perma Shackle Far right

Wave - 17 T T (T) Warlock dot and fear far right, Mages kill Left and middle (10 seconds untill final spawn)

Wave - 18 TD TR (TD) Warlock throw all dots on rider and then fear and dot Trainee on far right, Perma-Shackle Far right Deathknight, Mages zerg Rider, Blad can fear his Trainee

At this point all mages pick out the Trainees w/ a full or close to full hp and sheep it if u see Trainees w/ low hp fireblast them or cone of cold them, just quick stuff to clear mobs out, priest fear and warriors fear. After mages sheep a target switch to a Shackled DeathKnight that is determined before we even start the fight, so for example we will kill the skull as soon as the last Rider goes down, The second somone shackles it, they need to mark it w/ the skull. Rogues go all out on Gothik, bring thistle tea just for a little extra dps boost, key is to kill him freaking fast before all the healers die.

Living side needs 6 priest who can all shackle, 1 will be free for the zerg.

At the mob description, it says mobs cant be CC'd, while the tacticts say you should CC (on 10 man). First try for us to go out on Gothik, so I'll check what it really does and fix it.--XSlicer (talk) 19:07, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

Vigilance bug, or just weird result of the fight?

In my 10-man group a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that if our tanks put [Vigilance] on a target on the opposite side of the gate, adds would choose to aggro the tank recieving Vigilance threat, and thus walk across the gate to attack them (resulting in a wipe due to the tank not being able to handle both the undead and living adds). This was ultimately solved in our raid by keeping vigilance on the proper side of the tank, but is there something wrong here, or is this an intended effect during this fight? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Atomos of Zangarmarsh (talk · contr).

There are very few abilities in the game that allow you to generate threat from others. If this is still an active bug in 3.0.8 I would make a post on the forums, however they are not likely to change it as the ability is working as intended; the only bug here is the ability for mobs to pass through objects (instead of being bugged by line of sight). --Notmyhandle (talk) 01:53, 28 January 2009 (UTC)