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Faction Rewards

A fellow guildie has posted screen prints of all the faction rewards from Beta that they can currently get to. Currently manually transcribing to Excel but possibly needs a table along these lines? Faction Location Status Level Type Item Plate Mail Leather Cloth Weapon Other Str Ag AP Armr Sta HR CSR Hst Mstry Int Spi Other Sockets Guardians of Hyjal Nordrassil Exalted 85 Epic Treads of Malone Feet 233+10 1673 380 149 169 1Y Revered 85 Epic Wrap of the Great Turtle Back 190 286 Honored 83 Rare Cloak of the Dryads Back 573 224 100 149 100 Honored 83 Rare Sly Fox Jerkin Chest 228 1527 401 178 138+20 1R, 1B Will try and at least record the names of the items and the faction over the weekend. Rather than stats, a simpler version would be tank/melee/caster. Tequima (talk) 16:32, 6 November 2010 (UTC)