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What is the TYPE for an Enchanting link? I mean when you link an enchantment from the enchanting trade window - is that technically "Junk"? Or "Recipe"?
The function 'GetItemInfo' seems to return 'nil' for enchanting links or other profession links (Links that start with [<Profession name>: ...]) as if the item isn't in your local cache. --Polarina 20:35, 4 June 2007 (UTC)

Help with Projectiles

I am trying to create a macro that will determine if my character is out of ammo, and if so, will switch to a thrown weapon. The problem I'm having is that the macro does not seem to recognize the ItemType "Bullet" from the list. I've set up three macros to handle the whole thing (one to determine if I have ammo or not, and two to equip the proper weapon and shoot or throw respectively). Here they are:

"Ranged" Macro (checks for bullets then activates one of the other two macros)

#show [equipped:Bullet] Shoot; Throw

/click [equipped:Bullet] MultiBarLeftButton1; MultiBarLeftButton2

"Gun Attack" Macro (equips gun if necessary then shoots)


/equip [noequipped:Guns] Hunter's Muzzle Loader

/cast [equipped:Guns] Shoot

"Thrown Attack" Macro (equips thrown weapon if necessary then attacks)


/equip [noequipped:Thrown] Weighted Throwing Axe

/cast [equipped:Thrown] Throw

I know for a fact that it is the "Bullet" item type that is throwing off the first macro, because when I change the coding in the "Gun Attack" macro to check for bullets instead of guns, that macro ceases to function. Am I doing something wrong or has the item type for bullets changed for some reason? I've tried "Projectile," "Bullets," and "Ammo" with no luck.