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'However he is considered the hardest boss inside Zul'Gurub'

Due to the complexity of the fight, or due to equipment required? Can a group that is about 50% equipped with ZG items, and the rest from 5 man instances do this boss? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by KelvinFrost (talk · contr).


He's considered difficult both for the complexity of the fight and the gear required.

Hakkar requires roughly the same level of DPS. If you can kill him, you can probably kill Jin'do.

--Kathucka 14:12, 30 October 2006 (EST)

Reverted "Easy" Comment

Reverted comment about him being "easy with appropriate gear". All monsters are easy if you're overgeared.

Jin'do gives trouble to raids in partial T1 gear. He is easy for raids in mixed T1/T2 gear. Anyone who comments that Jin'do and/or Hakkar is easy is generally from a guild that has downed Nefarian. They still want to kill him, in order to get the Primal Hakkari Idol.

Jin'do and Hakkar are quite difficult for raids in Zul'gurub, 5-man, and 10-man gear.

--Kathucka 12:16, 1 November 2006 (EST)