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I think there's an error on this page. Shaman can use 2-handed maces without spending enhancement skill points. Perhaps this is a confusion with the dual-wield skill? This mentality seems to have leaked to other pages as well. ( i.e.  [Hammer of the Naaru] - "Hammer of the Naaru is an epic two-handed mace for paladins and enhancement-specced shamans." )

imho, the whole two-handed vs. dual-wield issue is handled weakly by wowwiki. I'd love to see the information more clearly presented.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hamete (talk · contr).

First, remember to sign your posts. Second, remember it's a wiki, so you can always change any mistakes you find. Third, 2-hand maces and axes used to be the 11-point Enhancement talent, until Patch 2.3, so there's no "mentality" or "confusion," just old information. Fourth... what's "the whole two-handed vs. dual-wield issue?" I have no idea what information, exactly, you'd like to have more clearly presented. Mellonicus 18:17, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

Your first point: Sorry, I really suck at this, I was hoping to just provide feedback. Let me try again, and please forgive if I screw up again, I've no patience to get baited into a semantic argument. Secondly, I'd really like to get more comfortable before hacking up pages to bits myself and getting flamed, but thanks for the inviation to get more involved. Third point, I'm post 2.3 patch so I have no ealier information, so what is old to you, is confusing to me. I have little ability to judge between old and wrong. Fourth point, is that the page was fixed to remove the confusing/inaccurate information. I would suggest pulling out the lore and adding it into a separate section along with with 'Significant maces' section; having it in the same paragraph that explains two-handed maces is confusing. Then moving the Trainers section just before the Lore section which would be the last section.(Hamete 19:57, 25 April 2008 (UTC))