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2.0 Threat Changes

Agrro after 2.0.1?

The tooltip no longer says Mind Blast generates a high amount of threat. Is it now the case that it doesn't generate the extra threat? Today was my first day playing my Shadow Priest since the patch. We were in AQ20 finishing up a run previously started by the guild. On Ayamiss, during the first stage when she's airborne, I was DPS'ing. Normally, the person who has aggro stops DPS'ing so that the poison she sends does not stack so high that it can not be healed through. Although I stopped as soon as I took aggro and the poison started stacking, the rest of the ranged DPS was not able to pull aggro off of me for what seemed an unusually long amount of time even though I just stood there still. --CCMCornell

I've since changed the patch to reflect the lack of threat generation. --Hobinheim 11:30, 14 December 2006 (EST)