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Difference Parry <-> Dodge

What's the functional difference between parrying and dodging an attack? - Potbasher

Nothing, when it comes to straight damage mitigation. However Warriors get a talent that gives them rage when they parry, and Rogues can do riposte when they parry. There's probably some other stuff that I don't know about. Pzychotix 06:46, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

Parry resetting melee attack timer

See Formulas:Parry. There is another likely effect, that parry resets your melee attack timer, so that you get a near-immediate hit in after parrying an attack. Also, [Overpower] and [Mongoose Bite] trigger on dodges, and not on parries. -- Harveydrone ( talk | work ) 18:59, 10 August 2007 (UTC)

On wow forums someone asked if parry reduces the time needed for next swing also on mobs and not only on players, i said probably it happens and just assume it does since it's better being safe than sorry but is there any proof of that? Valepu 14:40, 15 September 2007 (UTC)

Just get an addon like "Quartz" to show your swing-timer and you can see that parrying gives you a nearly instant attack (seems to reduce it a certain percentage and go off instantly if the value already has been reached, when the parry occured) and thus resets your swingtimer. KaffeeKiffer 10:23, 19 October 2007 (UTC)

Archive from Formulas:Parry

I have seen crits parried before. such as a rogue using coldblood which is a 100%crit. My guess is that a crit% will over-ride parry to a certain unpassable point. Example: If your enemy has a 20% parry rate and you have a 20% crit rate they're both small enough %'s to where it would be possible for your enemy to keep a 20% parry. With a 100% crit rate your enemy might end up with the hypothetical bottomed out parry% of 1% making it appear as if crit's can't be parried when infact they can.

A "100% crit rate" doesn't mean that every attack will be a crit. It means that the value supplied to the internal Attack table's Critical entry will be 100%. Parry takes precedence over Crit, so if your target has a 20% Parry chance, at most 80% of your attacks will result in crits. -- Tracer 15:44, 25 August 2006 (EDT)

Also i've seen backstab's parried. but i believe this is just due to latency lag compensation where you are in range for a backstab and your enemy turns to be inrange to parry at a close time, sorta like how in a duel both people can sheep eachother, or cheapshot eachother.

2nd argument for parry's swing-timer reset is weak

In the part of the article where it is argued that parrying resets your swing timer, the second argument for "indirect evidence" appears as follows:

  • Parry is weighted higher than dodge in an item's stat budgets. Parry "costs" approximately 1/3 more than dodge to put on an item. Since dodge and parry deliver the same bonus (100% damage mitigation) parry needs to have another function to justify the increased cost.

There are other reasons why parrying is better than dodging. If a combat rogue parries an attack, for example, his [Riposte] ability becomes available. Furthermore, if you dodge an attack made by a warrior, the warrior can turn right around and [Overpower] you, which he can't do if you parry.

It may be that parry does indeed reset the swing timer, but since there are other reasons why parry is better than dodge, this particular argument doesn't float.

-- Tracer 15:49, 25 August 2006 (EDT)

Parry does not reset atack timer

I suppose parry reduce time from parry to next swing by half. If X - time when parry occured, S - speed of weapon, time to next swing (time from autoatack was started till swing will be finished) will be: (S - X) / 2 + X = (S + X) / 2

You can check this by analizing combat logs.

Parry affects attack timer

I can safely say that it does speed up attack, being particularly beneficial to slow 2H, but as for specifics, I'm not sure. One time, I heard it drops a second...

Parry rating data

This is from a level 70 Warrior; the rating bonus is from the "GetCombatRatingBonus(4)" API function in-game.

Rating		Parry Bonus		Bonus/Rating		Rating/Bonus

20		0.634146261810910	0.0317073130905455	31.538465499878

--Taleden 17:00, 22 March 2007 (EDT)

Where are the Parry Rating for Mobs in this Article?

I miss on this Page the facts for the Base-Parry-Chance for Mobs. On one Hand for Mobs that are equal Level like the Player (i think it's 5% against white Attacks), and on the other Hand the Chance for Boss-Mobs (it is 12%-15% i think).

Tooltip problem

Not sure where problem reports go these days :P Parry is also showing the enchantment listed on the page when hovered over. --Grynd (talk) 16:36, 13 January 2011 (UTC)