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Ephemeral RP Tools

Link no longer contains the referenced content. May have moved or been shut down. Can anyone who knows the original content of the destination site comment? Activorus 08:45, 16 March 2006 (EST)

Page Rewrite

I would like to do a major rewrite of this page and possibly the category page, however I'm not sure of the etiquette involved, given that this is a primary resource page and linked from the main index.

Proposed changes:

  • Change article structure to be less ambiguous and easier to digest. The intended audience requires an article that is authoritative and concise.
  • Rewrite article in a more neutral voice.
  • Remove acronyms (RP, RPers) from within body of article, where appropriate.
  • Update links to include new addons and information.
  • Remove section on "Examples of Roleplaying". The ideas require clarification and are perhaps better left to a guide on roleplaying techniques.
  • Keep "Supporting RP" section as is.

Maybe I should create a temporary page under 'Role Playing (New Version)' and get feedback on that first? Dorvelle 09:26 (EST), Feb 8 2007

Edit to add: Changes made. I saved the original version just in case. Dorvelle 9:57pm (EST), Feb 9th 2007

Add to pod cast!

some one should add Essence of RP!

Done. They deserve a mention indeed. --Dushi-du (talk) 10:25, 8 May 2009 (UTC)