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It might be useful to have some info comparing the dps you will get from Seal of Vengeance compared to Seal of Command. Presumably with dome weapons SoC is better than SoV.

Righto, Time to do a bit of math and stuff. Vengeance is 120 holy damage over 12 seconds stacking 5 times. Has a 20ppm proc chance, and ticks once for 30 damage every 3 seconds. And I assume the DoT resets it's tick once it refreshes.
Command is 70% of weapondamage. Has a 7ppm proc chance.
Let's go with a profile of mine, Hemik. He has 1256 AP buffed, a 3.60 speed 212-318 damage weapon. And a negligible amount of spellpower (Since Hemik uses SoB more than SoC, doing about 69 DPS and 7 self-DPS).
SoV has a 120% chance to proc each hit, I can't test the truth of that though. 20/(60/3.6) = 1.2
SoC has a 42% chance to proc each hit, and deals 420-500 damage per proc, 841-999 if it crits. 7/(60/3.6) = 0.42
At the start of the fight, I'll be malleting away. It'll take 18 seconds for me to get a full stack of SoV, and in that time I'll have dealt about 300 holy damage. 30+60+120+160 = 300. 16.6DPS
SoComm would have procced about twice. So about 920 damage total there. 51DPS.
However, after that, SoV will be dealing 180 damage every 3 seconds. Take another 18 seconds and it would have dealt 900 damage (50 DPS) if it refreshed every swing, and 1080 damage (60 DPS) if it refreshed in a perfect world. Socomm would have probably procced twice again, for about 410 per hit. 51 DPS.
Command would do better in short fights and in my melee damage gear, because I have a 20ish% chance to crit. SoV would be much better in a longer fight. I think that's what this seal is designed for.
If anyone sees anything incorrect with my calcs though, don't be afraid to point it out. My alliance pally isn't 64 yet, so I can't verify any of that.
-- Hemical 03:31, 24 March 2007 (EDT)

Seal of Vengeance debuff duration

I can't check my paladin right now, but I checked the Blizzard talent calculator, and I think that the duration increase from 15 to 30 seconds applies to the retribution talent Vengeance, not to the debuff applied by this seal. As far as I know, the seal debuff is still 150 holy damage over 15 seconds, stacks 5 times, refreshes on reapply, extra damage on apply with full stack.

Zaldron 17:49, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

Usefullness vs Rogues

This article stats that this seal is useful to prevent rogues from vanishing in combat. However, cloak of shadows removes debuffs on the rogue, which can then easily vanish. Its been awhile since i've fought a rogue in pvp with this seal, could anybody confirm if it cloak of shadows removes the debuff or not? ThanksDantheman102100 18:12, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

Usage with divine storm and Crusader strike

As of patch 3.3, Divine storm and crusader strike cannot apply the debuff. Once the debuff reaches 5 stacks from normal melee attacks, however, the 33% extra holy damage is applied when using divine storm and crusader strike. Is this intentional? It seems odd in light of Hammer of the Righteous can stack the debuff and recieve the 5-stack 33% damage bonus both, and that divine storm and crusader strike proc the effects of every other seal.