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Talk:Spirit of the Moonstalker

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It looks to me as if this quest comes from the Great Moonstalker Spirit rather than from Keeper Karithus. The text is:

I share these forests willingly, accepting night elf kind into my home, and on occasion calling them friend. Though they have been tainted greatly in recent memory, I can see in you the same strength, honor, and spirit that first endeared them to me.
If you place value in the ferocity necessary to overcome all odds, then I am willing to call you my champion. Know now that if you side with my kind, the other spirits will not accept you, so consider your choice carefully.

Upon returning to Keeper Karithus, he says:

Please hold still for a moment.
It is done. The spirit is bound with you and you will carry it with you any time you are in Darkshore. May you serve nature well.

The reward is Blessing of the Moonstalker, with the following description:

Blessed by the Great Moonstalker Spirit. Attack and casting speed increased by 10%. Regarded in a friendly manner by the moonstalkers of Darkshore.

--Baltar (talk) 10:08, 29 November 2010 (UTC)