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Splintertree Post Lore

Haven't been able to find out much about Splintertree Post... if anyone can correct me/update my information, please do so!

I figure that Splintertree was one of the two (if not more) lumber camps created by the Warsong in their initial conquest of Ashenvale. The reason I would say this is:

1. The WarCraft RPG book refers to a "Goldcrease Mine" in eastern Ashenvale that orcs exploited when they first arrived and soon left be. The only thing resembling that in the entire area, that I can think of, is the Den-of-Trials-esque uninhabited structure in Splintertree Post, which would date the camp to the Warsong invasion. 2. It's called Splintertree Post. :\

Any more information on the subject would be much appreciated. Thanks. :) --WoWWiki-Wasted (talk · contr) 01:53, 29 June 2006 (EDT)