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Some changes and a strategy

  • Found that the Acid Volley now ignores Line of Sight.
  • Found that the Acid Volley now seems to ignore range. More testing needed.
  • Found that the Acid Volley now stacks higher than 10 times. Assume it's infinite.
  • The gargoyle emotes and screams at 30% now, not 25%. You have 6 seconds to kill it before it gains stoneform (immune to all damage) and regenerates to 100% health.
  • Mortal Strike does not prevent this healing.

Best strategy we've found: take it down pretty low, then burst dps. Requires mages and locks to use trinkets and even priests and druids need to add to the damage.

Warrior strategy I used was to save a full rage bar in berserker stance, use an instant attack (Mortal Strike in my case, but Bloodthirst or Shield Slam works), then Whirlwind, Execute, and bloodrage to execute again. That's all 6 seconds you've got, so you've gotta time it perfectly.

--Vaerik 04:31, 22 June 2006 (EDT)

  • Confirmed Acid Volley does have a range, but it is huge (~50-60 yards). Our next attempt we are going to pull them to opposite sides of the long, rectangular room at the beginning of the wing (room exits to where the first set of these mobs sit)

--Ferwing 01:59, 08 Sept 2006 (CDT)

  • By Far the Funnest mob to kill. had 33 members in the raid with only 4 nef kills under our belt. Took use 5 tries to get the first one down. Hellva fun.

--Growlman 11:12, 24 Sept 2006 (EDT)