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I got the scepter on my server. It was quite possibly the funnest quest in all of WoW. -- AlexanderYoshi (talk · contr)

Is it really needed to display a full list of scepter holders? It's kinda useless IMO Jeoh (talk · contr) 10:11, 16 July 2006 (EDT)

I agree that it isn't useful information but it is something that people may be curious to know, now that transfers are open. I actually think it should have it's own page, sort of like how there's a separate page with a List of Ironforge NPCs, for example. DaAznSaN (talk · contr) 11:20, 16 July 2006 (EDT)

Text says in red shard chapter: "If you fail, you will need to abandon the quest and talk to Anachronos again." This is not true, you just have to talk to Vaelestrasz in the next run again. I started the 5h timer this way several times and finally got the shard in the last run. Targ (talk · contr)