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"At approximately one quarter health, Hungarfen roots himself and releases a poison cloud which does nature damage which in turn heals Hungarfen."

Can someone confirm the 'nature damage' part? I just looked through my logs for a fight with him, and there it is listed as 'Schattenschaden' (German localisation of shadow damage. Also, the active nature-resist aura of the hunter didn't appear to reduce the one tick of damage the meleers took from the effect; we had no (or negligible) shadow resist up since I never though it would be needed here.

If noone knows for sure I'll see if a shadow-resist aura helps next time we go there, but it may be some time until then.

The Hungarfen page doesn't mention the kind of damage from this effect either way.

--Sallick 13:39, 7 May 2007 (EDT)

You may be correct. I searched both thottbot and wowhead for info on the Foul Spores spell and found a spell that is described as a 15-yd health leech in the shadow school of magic. I removed the "nature" description of the damage taken. CCMCornell 16:10, 7 July 2007 (UTC)

Trash Mob Table

  • Underbog Shambler/Frenzy:

"[...]Also a Frenzy variety which enrage and deal increased damage (can be dispelled by a hunter's Tranquilizing Shot.)[...]"

Tried this some time ago in 2.1 Content and it definitely was not possible to dispel it (non-heroic). Anyone can confirm it's possible now?

  • Bog Giants

They got a stacking desease, reducing movement speed. I'm not sure about exact numbers though. Suggesting a kiting tactic, this should definitely be noted. Gonna do some testing on the numbers.

  • Lykul Stinger/Wasp

"[...]The poison can be interrupted (Shaman: Poison Cleansing Totem, Cure Disease) or spellreflected."

Changed this into: "Poison can be spellreflected and dispelled."

"Wasps and hit weakly in heroic, but constantly spam poison spit. [...]"

removed the and, now makes sense

  • Murkblood Lost Ones

Changed a } into a ) !!

  • Underbog Lord

"Immune to cc/slowdown, very large aggro radius."

I'm not sure, but slowdown isn't a common term, is it? Got the feeling Snare is used more often.

Caern 23:46, 13 October 2007 (UTC)