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Talk:World of Warcraft terminology/A-M

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I was going to add links for many articles (one of the first being Arathi Basin for example) but decided to check if that's a good idea or not first. It could help newbies with finding more information (since they're the ones likely to be looking at this list in the first place), but as a downside it might look less organized because it's always arguable what should get a link and what shouldn't. --Pure.Wasted 05:50, 5 October 2006 (EDT)

Suggested additions (from Teh ownage)

Here are some additions taken from Teh ownage. I'd like some community feedback on the validity of these terms since I haven't heard some of them myself. Others are generally gaming terms and might be okay for this page if we're interested in representing a broader topic.

To "Buff up" someone. "gief them buffs"
"Epics" or "Purple bling" Things that cost alot of money and are very powerful. Gief Epix.
"For the win" or "it is good" or "its good to have it" example "<epic name> ftw" or "<spell name> ftw"
"Give" or alternatively "i want that" or "wow thats cool i would like it"
"Hacks" usually when a person links an over powered epic to another person they will respond with "gief" or "haxx" usually if something is extremely over powered a person will call it "haxx" because the person must have Hacked or "haxx0red" in order to obtain it.
"Elite" or "extremely professional at gaming" there are ALOT of ways to write this including: Leet, l33t, 1337, l337, I_337 and many many more ways. if you every get a 1337 Crit.
"loot" or alternatively "epic l00t" or even "gief teh imba haxx purple bling that drops off teh bosses"
Roughly the same as "oh well who cares" or a "grunt of approval" basically its onomatoupaeic, meaning that it sounds the same as it is spelled - its basically a grunting noise you make when you approve of something.

Quoted and edited from Teh ownage. User:Montag/sig 22:45, 17 March 2007 (EDT)

FTW is very common and should be added. Meh is relatively common, but not really WoW terminology. The rest I would prefer not to add based on the principle of reducing the proliferation of retard L337-speak. --Gengar orange 22x22.png Fandyllic (talk · contr) 5:42 PM PDT 1 Nov 2007

Another Definition for Burn


Another definition for burn can be when a player uses the disenchanting spell on a particular item, especially whilst raiding with a guild or other party. When no one wants a particular item that drops, and is most often a BoP item, the enchanter will take it and then "burn" it by using their disenchanting ability and then players can roll for the disenchanted item.