Talrendis Ancient

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AllianceTalrendis Ancient
Image of Talrendis Ancient
Race Ancient of War (Elemental)
Level 15 Elite
Health 11,152
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darnassus
Location Ancient Grove, Azshara [21.6, 75.8]
Status Killable / Alive

The Talrendis Ancient is an Ancient of War who is guarding the last of the Ancient Grove.

During the Legion Invasion, the ancient, apparently regrown and much bigger, wanders around Azshara and attacks the invading demons, including bosses.

Objective of


On approach during H [11] Arborcide:

  • Keep your machines away from me, <race>! You'll be cleansed from this land like the weeds you are!

To Alliance:

  • Why, what brings you all the way over here, young <race>? Please be cautious. Our foes stream forth from a hole in the mountain to the east - they have done irreparable harm to this land.

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