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Image of Tanak
Title <Frenzyheart Quartermaster>
Race Wolvar (Humanoid)
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Frenzyheart Tribe
Location Sholazar Basin
Status Alive

Tanak is a Wolvar quartermaster for Frenzyheart Tribe found at Frenzyheart Hill in Sholazar Basin.


<Frenzyheart Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Roasted Mystery Beast] 1g 60s Food & Drink
 [Design: Reckless Huge Citrine] 2g Jewelcrafting (350)
 [Nepeta Leaf] 32s Consumable
Revered  [Azure Strappy Pants] 32g 13s 80c Leather Legs
 [Discarded Titanium Legplates] 50g 48s 86c Plate Legs
 [Giant-Sized Gauntlets] 25g 12s 13c Plate Hands
 [Muddied Crimson Gloves] 13g 70s 48c Cloth Hands
 [Scavenged Feathery Leggings] 43g 12s 27c Mail Legs
 [Sparkly Shiny Gloves] 25g 20s 87c Plate Hands
 [Disgusting Jar] 3g Junk
 [Design: Jagged Forest Emerald] 4g Jewelcrafting (390)
Exalted  [Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury] 42g 93s 75c Trinket

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