Tapping the Leylines

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NeutralTapping the Leylines

110 (Requires 110)




19g 40s


N [110] Survey Says...


N [110] Power Grid


Explore Anora Hollow and find the Ley Station there.


The arcways were built to tap into the magical leylines beneath Suramar. As we learned to subsist on the Nightwell, the old facilities fell out of use.

This chamber is clearly receiving power from elsewhere.

There is only a trickle now, but if you can direct more leyline energy here it will help to sustain us.

The closest source is to the north, near Anora Hollow.


You will receive: 19g 40s


And just who might you be?



Upon approaching the entrance to Anora Hollow, you will see the entrance closed by a portcullis. There are two small round platforms in front of it, and Arcanist Valtrois is standing on the one to the right.

Arcanist Valtrois says: You there! Outlander! Be a dear and step on that other switch, will you?

Do as she says. The portcullis will open.

Arcanist Valtrois says: There we are. Open at last.
Arcanist Valtrois says: Well, I will be killing you now. Any last words?

Talk to Valtrois.

You may speak.

Gossip <Show Thalyssra's token to Valtrois.>

Arcanist Valtrois says: Ahhh, I recognize that symbol. So Thalyssra has recruited an outlander to our cause... Are we truly so desperate?
Valtrois walks through the entrance and into Ley Station Anora, continuing to speak on the way.
Arcanist Valtrois says: <Sigh.> Very well. I am Valtrois.
Arcanist Valtrois says: Out here, so far from the Nightwell, we must settle for any source of magic we can find.
Arcanist Valtrois says: It seems Thalyssra and I had the same idea - the old leyline feeds might keep us alive, if barely.
Arcanist Valtrois says: We just have to wake them up.

Valtrois stops near an arcane coil. Turn in the quest to her.


  1. N [110] Tapping the Leylines
  2. N [110] Power Grid
    • Side quests:
    1. N [110] Turtle Powered
    2. N [110] Something in the Water
    3. N [110] Purge the Unclean
  3. N [110] Feeding Shal'Aran

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